About Us

What is COHA?

The Council of Homeowner Associations helps subdivision and condominium associations in the Farmington / Farmington Hills area with homeowner issues such as deed restrictions, local land use and architectural controls, property values, maintenance of commons areas, and social events.

This umbrella group helps all the associations to further their local concerns by establishing communication between groups and having more clout on a city-wide basis.

In a sense, COHA is like a "Chamber of Commerce" for member homeowner associations, giving them more information and a greater voice than they would have working alone.

Member assoications select a representative who attends COHA meetings to share information and report back to his or her association.  COHA's elected Board members and association representatives are all volunteers.

What Happens at COHA Meetings?

Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of January, March, May, September, and November in the auditorium of the Farmington Hills Community Library on 12 Mile Road (between Orchard Lake and Farmington Roads).  Social gathering and refreshments begin at 7:00pm.  The business meeting starts at 7:15pm.  Meetings typically feature guest speakers

COHA represenatives in local organizations and on city commissions also present reports.  There is also lively round table discussion and debate, giving members an opportunity to share problems, concerns, and solutions.  Our membership meetings are open and guests are welcome to attend.

What Does COHA Do?

  • COHA regularly participates, monitors, and reports on the local School Board, the Planning Commission, the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Traffic Study Committee, the Multi-Cultural/Multi-Racial Council, Parks and Recreation, Children Youth and Families, the Beautification Commission, the Crime Prevention Advisory Committee, Farmington Families in Action, the Gypsy Moth Program, and many others
  • Member associations are updated regularly on developments when our representatives and observers report back to COHA members at our general meetings and in our newsletter.
  • COHA has been an active advocate on hot issues such as oil well drilling, development in key areas like the Super Kmart at Orchard Lake and 14 Mile Road, cellular towers, and traffic and road improvement. We also communicate with elected officials on questions of importance to homeowner associations (such as federal legislation on local zoning, and state laws on liability of association board members). We arrive at our positions democratically, and then mobilize our resources to make our voice heard.
  • COHA provides liaison between member associations and the City government. For example, the City administration recently requested COHA's input on a new apartment inspection program. This helps bring member input into policies, decisions and ordinances that affect residents.
  • COHA has taken an active interest in zoning and land use issues such as "in-fill" development. We were actively involved in amending the PUD ordinance. Currently COHA is reviewing a survey of member and non-member associations on their experience and views about development trends in the City. When we have compiled the results, we will make them available to the public and to officials. We have also been exploring ways to strengthen zoning restrictions for better control of development.
  • COHA also works to keep residents informed and to promote voter awareness through our "Candidate Nights." We host televised debates, which feature a distinguished panel of questioners as well as live audience and call-in questioning of candidates. The bylaws of COHA prohibit our support or endorsement of any candidate for public office.
  • COHA can provide advice and assist subdivisions or condominiums in forming and maintaining their associations. A "how to" guide, prepared by a lawyer, is available.
  • COHA keeps a high profile and fosters public awareness of our organization through activities such as the Memorial Day and Farmington Founders Festival parades, Police and Fire Department Open Houses, and our membership in the Interagency Council of Farmington-Farmington Hills.
  • COHA sends a monthly newsletter to member associations. We also publish a yearly membership and services directory. These publications, along with the general membership meetings, provide a conduit for getting important and up-to-date information to residents. We provide member associations with the ability to network and solve problems. Through our contacts with similar organizations in neighboring communities, we are hoping to build linkages on a regional basis.

How Can You Join COHA?

Membership is limited to homeowner and condominium owner associations which are controlled by the residents, who have voting power. Each member association, in good standing, shall have one vote at official meetings of COHA.

Dues are $35 per year for each association. This is based on the calendar year, beginning January 1st. New members who join during the last quarter of the year are granted membership through the following year.


You can contact any member of our board of directors to inquire about membership.



Association Profile
If you wish to join COHA, please fill out the association profile and send it to the address listed on the form.
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COHA's Bylaws

This file has the detailed Bylaws for COHA
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