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The Council of Homeowner Associations helps subdivision and condominium associations in the Farmington / Farmington Hills area with homeowner issues such as deed restrictions, local land use and architectural controls, property values, maintenance of commons areas, and social events.

This umbrella group helps all the associations to further their local concerns by establishing communication between groups and having more clout on a city-wide basis. 

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COHA General Meeting Announcement

Speaker:   Angela Nazak                  


Topic:  Farmington Hills Special Services Programs  


Date:  Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Farmington Hills' residents enjoy hundreds of cultural and recreational programs for all ages, over 600 acres of public parks, an Ice Arena, swimming pool, Senior Center, gymnasium and superb facilities for meetings and banquets.  Among the most important of these services is the amazing array of programs for seniors in our city.  Learn more about the usage of these services, new programs at the Costick Center, and other information about our city's superb services for seniors.


Don't miss this informative session.